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March 24, 2010


to sing and to dance (Karen)

Cady was farsighted too, but the doc said it was common in their age, and that it adjusts as they get older. I was shocked to hear that her sight was something like 35/20 (I forget exactly what it was). But, she can read with no problems.
Kindergarten IS a WOW moment. But they jump with leaps and bounds! Cady is already reading full sentences, and doing addition, subtraction. Her mind is like a little sponge. Have fun with it. Lydia will, I'm sure.


Oh, Lissa, hang in there. It will get better. :)


Are you kidding me??!!! 25 lbs is AWESOME!!! What an accomplishment. Please celebrate and be proud.

Lydia is beautiful and it is an amazing moment when you realize that she will be headed to Kindergarten. How time passes.

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