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February 11, 2010



Found out that one of the women at bowling had the gastric bypass in late Nov with similar liver issues. They also biopsied and tested. Conclusion? No diagnosis---said it was due to long term obesity. Guess they will monitor her. (She couldn't have the lap band---insurance only covered bypass.) She's lost 50 lbs so far and just went back to work 2 weeks ago--was out for 8 wks.

Wendy O

So glad to hear that you don't have Hep, I hope they find out what it is and that it is treatable. Don't worry about the pounds as oftentimes working out builds muscle while losing weight-muscle weighs more :-)


Keep up the good work! You'll get there! I lost very little in my first few weeks. Gradual is the way to go anyway. Took a whole year for the first 90. Good luck!

Jodie Dierickx

I'm really sorry to hear this has been so difficult and hasn't gotten a lot better. Glad to hear no hep abc's! Keep concentrating on the good and looking at Lydia who will see you for the long-term!

Herve Leger

Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

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