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January 09, 2010


Diana (Dori's Mommy)

Love the color coordination! Your shirt looks more appetizing than the mush! LOL!
(oh no...I am wearing a rainbow colored tie dye shirt...what sort of mush is that?)

to sing and to dance

I'm sorry, but the chicken fettucini just sounds like it would taste disgusting mushed. Sometimes, it's all about texture.
You look great, however. Looks like you've lost a lot already!


LOL You crack me up. That does look terrible. But you're looking good. You have a healthy glow to your face. Keep up the good work!


I'm wishing you all the best in your endeavor. Hugs to you (and mush)!


Hi Lissa... I've followed your blog for years but don't often comment. Just want you to know I think you are really courageous to have done this surgery, and I pray that it works for you. Lydia gets more beautiful all the time!


Hmmm... There's a great book, "Eating well after weight loss surgery." LOTS of terrific recipes for all stages after surgery (even lap band) and after fills! And Lydia and Russell would enjoy the food too (my guys do!)

Here's the url where you can find it at Amazon and browse a few pages: http://tinyurl.com/yfcellz

Lori Williamson

Keep up the good work! I am still toughing it out here the old fashioned way. You are helping me to stay motivated and on track!


How are you doing? I had jaw surgery this week so I am on mush/clear liquids from a syringe. Oh how I want a chip! Keep us posted..,.,

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