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December 31, 2009


Sandra Sain

so glad you did so well! I hope the nausea is gone by now. Take care from one of your new Facebook gaming buddies.

Wendy O

I am so glad it went well for you! Be safe and feel better.

Erika Callahan

try a sugar free popsicle. That might make you feel better. Remember the first 5 days are the worst and then it is all up hill from there!! Keeping you in my thoughts!!


Best Wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

Diana (Dori's Mommy)

WOW...what an ordeal! I love how you made Vroom-Vroom sounds. When Dori had surgery they let her pick out a flavored lipbalm which they rubbed around the inside of the oxygen mask. Not sure why they don't do that for adults. Of course she is now gagged by the smell of some lipbalms. lol!

I hope that things turn around and that you recover quickly!

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