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September 09, 2007



This is beautiful, I took the liberty of posting it in my blog as well. I am so touched by this Lissa. Thank you for passing it on.

Trude from Norway

Last winter I buy a kids documentar from Sweden. That film was about one of that adopted girls(Alice) The film was on swedish(not texted) but it was a nice documentar about how alice came to her family in sweden. Her visit in china when she was 5 year, and seven? year. She was wisit her foster family, the SWI, a scool etc.
My daughter loved that documentar.
I think it was funny that they have maked a new documentar now :-)

Wendy O

I ordered it and they only charged me 43 bucks and that included the shipping. It is coming from the UK so maybe yours was showing in pounds.


Cool! It may have been showing in pounds...I didn't check closely! Thank You!


Thank you for sharing! I'd like to order it too.

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