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September 25, 2007


Scott Ocheltree

Wow! Good thing I checked in on Lydia, we had completely spaced this out!
Fortunately the mooncakes are in the fridge - we brought some home from China, and some friends brought us some from Vancouver BC.

And for the big family dinner it's going to be spaghetti! (we all know that Marco Polo stole the noodles from China!)


We also made cookies, absolutely no Mooncake for us. The mooncakes were done to drive away the Mongols since they did not have a taste for it. I had to laugh when I read that because I was so worried we did not have mooncakes. It turns out that our daughter's people do not eat them.

Wishing you and your family much health and happiness. I hope to see you at Mickey's.


Beautiful scrapbook page! We're not doing mooncakes, but when we were in China adopting (September 2005) they were selling them EVERYWHERE and our guide gave us some as a gift. We tried them... but... um... they were greasy and heavy tasting, and not very delicious! ;)


Don't feel bad Scott, our next door neighbors who were Chinese citizens when we went over to take them some moon cookies just looked at us and said "Is that TODAY!" We laughed and said yes and they just shook their heads and said they needed to come to our house to learn more about their heritage. :-)

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