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September 12, 2007


Wendy O

I am so sorry Lissa. Frustrating. Are you guys planning a trip anytime soon to Guangxi? We are going in a year or two--I know it does nothing for now, but when we do we will search for you (if you haven't already gone by then). Maybe we could at least find the finding city/spot.

Sorry again,



Awe... so sorry. Very disappointing.


lurker here - just wanted to say I am sorry. How disappointing.


Oh Lissa, how sorry I am.


Don't give up searching!

Jeff's Place

Big hugs from the West Coast!!
Sorry to hear about that, such a bummer!

to sing and to dance

Isnt that just the way life goes? You are so willing to incorporate her birth parents into her life, and you get a blank slate. If you were less willing, it might just bite you in the face.
At least you know you tried, and so Lydia will know you tried. I think being open to the opportuinty, and being supported by their parents, as gift of pure love to your child, is the most of what our kids need when they want to know more. Finding what they were looking for, is going to be second to that.

Michele (VAMom2Be)

Lissa & Russell,
So sorry to hear this (non-news)! You have the comfort of knowing that you did everything you could at this point in time. Perhaps, in the future, there will be more openness or another person like Mr Stuy who will be able to help. The fact that you tried, and will continue to try will no doubt comfort Lydia when she's old enough to understand. I don't know what words to offer to ease your disappointment - you are in my thoughts.


Oh, how disappointing! I really figured that Brian would be the guy to find something, if anyone could.

So sorry. I know you had your hopes up.



UGH I know how hard this is as we had a similar result a couple years ago but then the researcher came back to us recently and said she has now found a few more bits and pieces. Different researcher and I dont know how Brian works but I had no idea this person was still even working on our behalf on this. I agree though that the effort is important for your peace of mind as well as Lydias down the road. You did what you could do and maybe she can follow up herself with the SWI down the road. I always think there is more in those files then we have any idea about right now!

I am so sorry you are disappointed for now though.


Hugs to you. How disappointing. Hopefully some details from the past will be available in the future.

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