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September 01, 2007



Can I come out as a longtime lurker and say that you find the coolest, funkiest things on the net? I am amused that these little girls are playing with a blond baby doll whilst us adoptive parents get all angsty and get our chldren Asian-looking dolls.

I loved Phantom the other day and STILL have that song in my head... in English though.


What a cute video. What are they saying? Dori came running over to me when she heard it. This is the way to learn! I used to put things to music in college to remember it!

BTW~ There is a great Asia doll available through Annabelle's Wish (a charity that supports Chinese orphanages). Google them and email the director about it!


We have very similar videos of children singing in Vietnamese and it's sooo hard to learn!!!! I don't think I have a chance at learning to speak Vietnamese.

Wendy O

Did you get this on the net? or a video? Madeline loved it too and I want to buy it!!!

Thanks in advance.

I never heard back from you, did you have the Zhuang CD I was asking about? I can burn it for you if you don't.

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