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September 27, 2007



We celebrated Saturday with our FCC chapter. The day started with a trip to the zoo then ended with FCC moon festival. We have been trying to see the moon everynight since Sat but it has been extremely overcast and/or raining.

Great collage.


We had a great time with some friends at a park. The girls loved decorating their rabbit cookies and eating moonpies.


We celebrated with 14 kids, lantern making and hot chocolate. Don't worry Lydia about your moon cakes, we completely forget to eat them, and instead ate them on Tuesday night! LOL

I love your collages. I also have fotofusion, do you have to buy the backgrounds and the little accents..like paw prints etc..? I am still trying to figure the whole thing out.


What a great celebration, we celebrated last year but missed it this year (we'll have to do it late). Glad you added "any outdoor pics will do."
Great scrapbooking!


Hey, Krista, just wanted to say thanks for participating and also tell you I love your collage. As for where I get my materials. Several places would be the answer. Some I pull straight off the net. Some I make myself with my Corell art program. Some I get from Freebie sites (I just got about 15 sampler freebie kits today actually) I am a member of a couple of clubs that cost $2 a month to join and supply several kits...and yes I also purchase stuff at online stores. The Autumn Moon collage I did was from a freebie site as was my mooncookies layout. You just need to dig to find stuff. Thanks again for participating. (BTW it looks like Lily and Lydia have similar birthdays. Lydia will be three October 9th. When does Lily turn 3?)--Sorry, I have to comment here, Blogger for some reason hates me and I can never post on it.


Thanks, I've been trying to work with fotofusion for some time now and am getting frustrated. I am making "Then and Now" pages for the children adopted from Lily's orphanage and I wish I had some better backgrounds and little embellishments. Could you e-mail me privately with some links????
The nannies love to look at the pictures!
Lily will turn 3 (going on 17 ;) ) on October 7th, her forever familiy day is Lydia's b-day. (the 9th)
Krista fdolan1120@rogers.com


Decided to join in after all :) Thanks again!

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