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September 06, 2007



Those are precious, I have none of us with matching outfits. That is something I have to do!


Very cute! I hope Liddy is feeling better.


Love the matching outfits. I get to participate this week.. yea! I hope Lydia is feeling better.


We have just begun our adoption adventure to China. (LID 7/17/07) I am excited to join in on FFFF. With 4 boys, we have many interesting photos! I am also new to this blogging thing, so please forgive me if I do anything wrong!!


We don't have any "matchey-match" outfits. Although I do colour coordinate the girls an I in dresses. Hubby would have no part of anything matching.

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie- Staci Singleton

Great idea! Sarah Lu had so much fun doing this one!
What cute pictures!


I love all your matching shirts!! Especially the star wars one!! At first I wished that we had something that matched and then I remembered these outfits from Christmas.


This was a tricky topic for me...I was surprised at how few matching outfit pictures I had!


Another fun one - thanks! Most of our matchy matchies were from before little jasmine time, but I found a few :)

hawaii helicopter tours

This is true freedom of speech!

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