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September 23, 2007



Wow! You've got a real shutter bug there!

About the camera... do some research... a good friend of mine bought this camera for her 5 year old son. Both Mom and the kid were very disappointed in the overall quality of the camera vs. the price. There are lots of less expensive digitals that will give better results. If you want a "tough" camera because you are worried that Lydia might drop it, you can use a lanyard around her neck and attach it to the camera. Just a suggestion! Have fun!


Costco sells this camera for less....


We have this camera and its been a great toy for our kiddos! We upgraded the memory so it holds a TON of pix. The screen doesnt work very well though and as the person above said, there are better cams for less $$. But, its durable and not something I worry about them breaking or anything so I would give it mixed reviews. I bet my daughter would give it an excellent review though. :)

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