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September 30, 2007



Beautiful scrapbook page dedicated to also my favorite month. I love spiders too, I never met many people who could appreciate their beauty.


I LOVE spiders! My daughter, almost 4, likes them in the abstract, I think because I am so enthusiastic. When she sees a real one, though, she gets scared. We are working on it! I think it is a normal human thing--they are different from us and move in a very different way, and I think the reaction is visceral in a lot of people. Not us, though, huh!

Great page! Is the spider web actually blocking your door? Some webs that size are hard to even break -- spiders are soooo amazing!

BTW, have you ever tried spraying a web (untenated of course) with white spray paint and then carefully "catching" it on black construction paper? We did that when I was a kid and it was ever so cool!

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