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September 15, 2007



Not only is it touching but incredibly beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to see some of your wonderful work.


Looks great! Are you paper or digital scrapping?

I figure I will be doing several versions of a lifebook. I did an ABC book focused on the adoption trip in a brag book size and printed those. It is great for Dori to flip through. I just did an 8x8 of the ABC book (using different colors) that should be arriving from Shutterfly tomorrow. Since I got those done, I haven't been in any kind of hurry to work on an older version. I do plan on a version targeted to about 4-6 years of age, and then an older version.


I am digital scrapping. If I were doing "actual" it would never happen. We also have an ABC book for Lydia that was made for us by my friend Leigh (Isolde's mom). It's gorgeous and something I am sure Lydia will cherish forever. This particular book I am making is for her when she is older. It'll address some of the tougher issues as well as highlight her adoption.

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