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August 14, 2007



I'm laughing cuz I thought you were feeing that girl coffee. Already! lol..... Cute pics.


LOL I guess it is awhile in the post before I actually mention she gets Vanilla milk. Swear I didn't mislead on purpose! Lis


Ok, I have to confess, Sally takes a little sip of my expresso. Or as we call it here our Cuban Coffee which is expresso but done in a certain manner. So we have two addicts.


I have Desheng baby also, Ryleigh was born 8/12/04 and joined her forever family on 9/14/05. Our girls were at the orphanage at the same time. I just found your website, so am slightly late with my congratulations


How funny. My Mia LOVES Starbucks too...her favorite is the vanilla latte.


Our daughter loves Starbucks. She always get the vanilla milk.

She would not recognize the golden arches but she can spot a starbucks.

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