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August 10, 2007



Wow, I am sorry but I do not know what you are talking about. That is just beautiful and I wish I could do something so pretty.


Great layout! Have you heard of ChinaDigitalScrapbooks.com? It is a private community of parents that have adopted from China and are into digital scrapbooking. Lots of great support and advice! There is a one time $5 fee which is more than worth it for the freebies! I joined a few months ago and I've learned so much!


I love your collage (and, of course, your gorgeous little subject!).

I'm addicted too but haven't actually started coughing up money for my habit since I have a tendency to go overboard once I give myself permission to start buying stuff. But I might check out the ChinaDigitalScrapbooks.com site. I've gone there before but left when I discovered the $5 fee before even getting to see any of the content of the site. But if Diana is vouching for it, I'll take the risk!

I used various scrapbooking techniques to create the pages for my daughters lifebooks. Then I used www.blurb.com to print the books. I'll probably do an updated book in a year or two since I keep running into lots of great stuff that I wish I'd thought to put in the first book. Maybe ChinaDigitalScrapbooks will give me some more good ideas!

You're very talented, Lissa. I struggle with my collages for several hours and often DAYS before finally publishing them on my blog. I wish it came as naturally for me as it seems to for you.


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