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August 02, 2007


Sophia's Mom

He went to Guangchang a year or so ago, but we didn't opt for him to get specific info for us. We were able to visit the orphanage when we went, and ask the Nanny's questions.

However, I did buy the cd (I think it was $50) of pictures that he took while he was there, and it was wonderful.

Hope he finds just what you are looking for!


Where can I find out more about this? My daughter is from the same Province. Any info would be appreciated.

Wendy O

He is there for us right now too (he will be researching in Guiping). I am so hoping for some good info. We have a lot from Madeline's time in Nanning--she was transferred to ML, but nothing from her first two weeks when she was in Guiping. We got her finding ad already and also a CD of the area, as well as a map, but I want to know more about those "lost" two weeks.

Here is to him finding a lot of info for us!!!


Lissa I hope he finds everything you need. All information you can gather will help Liddy when she is older.

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