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August 28, 2007



That proves you weren't over reacting and were perfectly within your rights to call her out. Go Mama Bear!!


I don't think that's "evil" at all. People shouldn't say things like that...who did she think she was, anyway? It's good she's not there anymore. Kids don't need an influence like that.


Excuse me, you were not Evil, you are defending something she had absolutely no clue about. I am glad you will be starting school without this headache and I am also glad that this perhaps will give her a clue that she needs to be more sensitive to those she claims to teach.


Hi Lissa,

I read your post (by the way, I love your blog!) and I'm a little confused. Based on what you wrote, I don't see where the teacher was attacking transracial adoption. She seemed to be more opposed to what she viewed as the financial inability of the parents to support the child (a bit skewed if you are using cheerleader training as a mark of affordability). I'm not sure why she brought up race, but that doesn't seem to me to be the point she was trying to make.
Either way, I wouldn't worry about it. It probably had a bigger impact on you than it did on her and she's likely forgotten all about the incident. Just don't bring it up. As far as being nice or evil, I don't look at it as 'evil', I think you are just 'passionate' about the TRA topic. We all are! Peace.


Kudos to the administration for standing their ground and doing the right thing. That seems to be a bit of an anomaly these days, you know? And you're not evil, my friend, just a wonderful Mom protecting her baby girl.



The conversation as it is related is from over almost a year ago and is VERY paraphrased. It was obvious from her comments at the time she did not apporve of TRA.




Way to go and keep putting ignorance on the spot.


Scott Ocheltree

In response to the question of "what is evil?" I think the "evil" part is that piece of us which does the little Happy Dance at the news of the stupid person getting some karma dealt their way. I think the "Nice" Lissa (and Scott) would truly prefer the stupid people have revelations, change their thinking, and go on to correct the misdeeds of their past. But hearing she was fired makes that tiny little red-horned version of us behind our left shoulder flash a wicked grin and slap a high five.

Jeff's Place

Oh Scott!! Well Said!
Way to react Lissa! You Go Girl!

If things like that happen I TRY to always educate, but there are some people that just don't get it. So we smile and nod, and go about life but that one encounter always stays with us no matter how hard we try to let go.

Jeff's Place

The more I think about what the teacher said, it hits me that she was doing absolutely the wrong thing! Instead of seeing this little girl as something odd, she should have taken the opportunity to teach about adoption in general! Argg!!! That burns me up inside!


It was obvious that she had an issue with TRA. Otherwise, she would just say, "So sad that her parents are so utterly poor that they can't provide the basics ... like cheerleading!"

Sorry ... now I'm venting.

I would hope that people would address statements like this even if they are NOT in a transracial family!

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