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July 26, 2007



We love your fun foto fridays. :) Thanks for letting us join in the fun!
:) Tiffany at


This was a fun one, thanks for sharing. Great collage of your adorable Lydia. So cute how she closes her eyes when she smiles.


Lissa: Thanks again for another cute idea. Is there anything better in the whole wide world than your child's smile. I dare say not!


Super foto challenge! I enjoy participating in these...thanks for the fun!!


No shortage of these type photos in our household!


Hi there!
I found your blog through Lauren (Mia's Mommy's) blog! I would love to enter my little sister(s) in you contest!
I had participated in these contest whenever Double Happiness was in charge! Thank you


Thanks for keeping it going ! Love to participate!
Carol & Kimberly

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie- Staci Singleton

Lydia is such a cutie!! Cheesy Grins was definitely a fun challenge! I know Sarah Lu had fun posing for her pictures! ;)


I love to watch my little one smile. It is truly a blessing. Thanks for allowing me to gather some of my favorite smiles from this summer and put them into a collage. What a great title this week ;)


Great cheesy smiles on Lydia, and great topic for an FFFF! This one was easy for me- :o) We have lots of those pictures here.... Thanks for coming up with another great one!


I found your site thru Double Happiness. This week's topic is great. We have no short supply of cheesy smile pix here:) I love the cool scrapbook photo display. Hope to learn how to do that soon.

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