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July 05, 2007


Amy Heymann

Hi, Thanks for taking over the Foto Friday! I'm also going to do a fun Foto Friday with a twist. Each week I'm going to post 5 photos my kids take. You have a beautiful blog and daughter! Many greetings from Germany!


First time participator in FFFF... so fun, so cute. Thanks so much for hosting, planning, prepping!


Thank you so much for keeping this up. I look forward to many mor Fridays! Stacey


This is our first time participating in the FFFF. We are looking forward to many more! Happy 4th !


Thanks for taking over! Hope you stop by my blog! BTW, Lydia is a cutie!!!!

The Happy Momma

This is fun! Thanks for keeping this up.

Scott Ocheltree

Hey Lissa,
Thanks for keeping FFFF going! I haven't played in a while, but was glad to hear you were the one taking it on.


This is the first time for me to participate in the FFFF, too! I'm glad you're taking it on!!


Wow! I love that collage! Thanks for taking over the FFFF. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of fun foto friday stuff in the weeks/months to come!


AnnaClaire's Jie Jie

Very cute collage. I love her dress! Saw it at Gymboree and thought it was so cute.

Thanks for taking over the challenge. That was a good one!!


Thanks for taking over the FFFF!! We play whenever we can!

Lydia is such a cutie, I have been a lurker on your blog for awhile!!



wonderful to see you pick up the challenge, thank you!


Thanks for taking over the challenge - can't wait to see what people come up with!
Carol & Kimberly


Thanks for taking this over. I participate from time to time but this was an easy one because I posted it on the 4th. Lydia is a cutie.


thanks for continuing the FFFF! I am sure you will do a wonderful job.


Thanks for taking over the FFFF. This is actually the first time I participated! It's so fun to follow all the links. I mistakenly typed my name instead of my blog name...newbie mistake.


Thanks Lissa!
Thanks for making the time and taking over the FFFF challenge!!


Lori Williamson

Thanks for taking over the challenge and thanks for making this first one easy. I already had a post I could use.

Love your blog!


Thanks for taking over!

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