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March 15, 2007


Michele (VAMom2Be)

Have a wonderful time in London. Lydia is a trooper and no doubt she'll be spoiled to bits in Texas. I will hold a good thought that April comes quickly and life gets back to normal. Take care of yourself and please update us on your travels...



I am sorry you are having such a stressful spell. April will be here sooner than you know. Russ and Liddy will be ok, trust in both. Enjoy Equus and your other kids in London. Take good care of yourself and be gentle with yourself.




Wow you guys are busy. I hope you enjoy London and hopefully Russell and Lydia will have a fantastic trip.

Hang in there.


I know how frequant travel and reverse schedules can wear you down and wear your family down. Our family is the poster child of travel and scheduling issues! I wish I had some wise words to share...but we just struggle through it. Here's a big hug. Now get some rest before you get even sicker!

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