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November 21, 2005


The Laukats

I'm glad everyone survived their first day! It will only get easier, right?
(this said from a mommy to be who hasn't had to make this step yet!)


PS congrats on the tenure progress..can't wait to hear that it's over.

Our Journey to Faith

Lissa, Russell's shirt is da bomb! LOVE it :):)


Glad to hear Lydia's first full day went well - i'm glad you made it through ok
too. I have a little girl in daycare and you know what? She loves to play with
other kids, is really socialized, and comes home with all sorts of new skills.
Last week I was reading her 'the wheels on the bus' and all of a sudden she
starts rolling her hands - and I realized that she does this at school -
amazing! It will get easier each day, especially as she comes to really love her
caregivers. Hang in there. BTW, Lydia looks like the happiest little girl (oh,
and you and your husband look just a TAD happy - hee hee).

Matt & Jenny

We've followed your blog for a while and have to say you are the coolest
parents! Being big sci-fi junkies ourselves, we laughed out loud at russell's
and Lydia's shirts. We will SO have some of those.

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