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January 20, 2007



Just curious..are you canadian? I noticed the way you spelled "favourite" and was just wondering...

ps i know someone who spells like that and she's canadian also.



Nope, I loved England as a kid. I had all these romantic ideas about owning my own pub and living in a flat above it etc. I was convinced I was going to move there someday to stay forever. So since I "KNEW" I was going to end up spending my life there I began using English spellings and English terms. (Lifts, Queues, etc.) I have since given up the wanting to live in England for the rest of my life (though I do love to visit) but the old spellings and terms die hard. A word Lydia knows well is queue. "Go queue honey." And there she goes to stand in line happily like a good little anglophile's daughter. :-)


Funny, I was going to say, no she is not Canadian she is a Theatre professor! It is reading Shakespeare so much that she writes in old English.

On the shoe situation. I have to say she has an enviable collection. Sally's is so small compared to hers and certainly does not have the exquisite variety. That reminds me, I have to hit E-bay!

Just beautiful Lissa, specially the ethnic shoes; stunning.

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